Welcome to Salter Farms

Salter Farms is a progressive family farm located in west central Iowa. We strive to be good stewards of the land we are entrusted with. Some of our strong points include aggressive use of drainage and irrigation, precision soil testing, variable rate application of soil nutrients, folair fertilization we strive to incorporate the latest technology in fertilization of our land From the IHC TD9 our father used in 1955, to the tracked tractors we use today. We like to use cutting edge equipment. We have been yield mapping since 1995, application maps since 1998. We expanded our auto guidiance use to multiple machines for planting, tillage, fertilizer application, and harvest. We now have several center pivots remotely monitored and controled. and hope to add more as well as grain storage and security systems. As we continue to move on forward in this ever changing business, we hope to keep our core values intact.